Have you ever thought about becoming a truck driver? Truck driving as a profession is a wonderful opportunity for those seeking a lucrative career in a secure job market. 这也是结识新朋友的好方法, and can also mean a chance to travel and see different parts of the country.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, 估计有1个,604,800 professional truck drivers in the country in 2012. Experts have projected this figure to grow even further, perhaps more than 20%by 2020.

在160乐彩客app下载, we’ve been helping people all over the country launch their professional truck driving careers. 如果你想知道 休斯敦卡车驾驶学校 and whether the experience might be right for you, take a look at this article on how to start a trucking career in Houston—and how to decide whether becoming a licensed truck driver is the right path for you.

Familiarizing Yourself with the Trucking Industry

The initial step before becoming a truck driver is getting acquainted with the trucking industry. If you are willing enough to work away from your home for weeks, 你完全可以挣到100美元以上,每年000.

There are two options for truck drivers in the country. The first is to work as a truck driver for someone else, and the second is to buy or lease your own vehicle to work for yourself. 这两种选择各有利弊, 例如, driving your own truck means shouldering all operational and maintenance costs for the trucks. On the other hand, working for yourself can be liberating and more lucrative.无论你决定走哪条路, you’ll first need to learn how to legally operate a truck (and obtain a license to do so). 在这种情况下, those that are serious and committed to the career path will need to find and enroll in an accredited 休斯敦卡车驾驶学校.


Although there are a lot of different driving schools across the US, it is important to find a school that meets your specific needs. There are some companies which also pay for the expenses associated with your driving school, but you will have to commit yourself to work for that company for a specific duration. 在选择驾校时, assess the institution 基于 the expertise of the trainers, 实际的驾驶时间, and the diversity of the trucks used for the classes.


After meeting the established requirements for your driving practice and preparing for the comprehensive written driver’s test, 你必须努力取得执照. You can call your local motor vehicles department to learn more about Houston’s requirements to prepare for taking the exams properly.


一旦你拿到驾照, it’s time to look for a job in a company that promotes work-life balance and other benefits. Some employers have good expense reimbursement, benefits, and stability. 此外, it is also important to get a job in a company that cares about the safety of their employees and provides opportunities for growth within the organization.

You can choose from the following types of truck driving jobs:

  • Dry Van Driver: This job involves transporting large single-wide trailers loaded with dry goods and non-perishable items.
  • 平床司机:就像一个平床司机, 你将运输车辆, 军用车辆, 以及其他奇形怪状和笨重的东西.
  • Tanker Driver: This career path involves transporting 液体, 在某些情况下包括危险液体.
  • 冷藏货运司机:医疗货物, 肉, 身体的产品, or other items that must be kept at a certain temperature are transported using refrigerated freights.
  • Freight Hauler: This position entails transporting any type of goods that can’t be transported using dry vans, 包括危险物品, 液体, 和超大号的物品.
  • LTL货运司机:涉及LTL的工作, 它也代表“少于卡车装载量?,” means that smaller shipments will be transported and drivers will only be required to travel short distances with several stops.
  • Local/Regional/OTR Driver: Local means you can only drive within or near your city, 区域性包括开车绕着州跑, while OTR drivers may drive anywhere in the continental United States.

Find Success at Our Top-Rated Houston Truck Driving School

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